emotional bc of this, Ily all ok? if you ever need someone to talk to i'm here just vm me :) i dont want u to be sad 😢
I actually really like this omg. (I'm gonna start posting my edits under #gracesradedits so that's where you can find them 💖)
Muke is life too (i ship mike with everyone, sorry) #5sos #luke #Michael #hemmings #clifford #Clemmings
Everyone is probably sick of this song already, but i just wanted to make one of these as well, even though mine is really bad #5sos
5 Seconds Of Summer is here to save the day as SmAsh, Dr. Fluke, Mike-Ro-Wave and Cal Pal! #5SecondsOfSummer #5SOS #DontStop
🎶 be your teenage dreBLADJAKOnene 🎶
ouch. | audio creds in comments |
eres un angel que alegra mis mañanas y le da vida a mis dias #clifford
Calum ❤️💁
I found this on tumblr and then added audio and this happened...//Molly
Werewolf Michael 👀 6 DAYS TILL HALLOWEEN 🎃🔪 || #MJMHalloweenCountdown Edit by: Maya || Audio by: Julia
first edit / hope this loops omg #michaelclifford #5SOS
oh god oh god damnit 😂