sorry this is crap💀
"My lips won't let you go" 💕
"Your perfect your perfect you make me nervous" ( song: your perfect by:Jacob Whitesides )
SOMEONE PLS TAG ME IN THE VINE OF MICHAEL MOANING I CANT FIND IT #michaelclifford #michael5sos #michaelclifford5sos #mikey5sos #5SOS #5sauce
Don't remember this part in the uptown funk music video
God 👑
Changed name from 1D Boys Edits❄️ To This, to let you all know!
5sos feels
Get it cause Rudolph🔴 #rudolphtherednosedreindeer #christmas
No that's not me at the beginning what do u think Delaney Stone
My hero 😂😂😂
Ugh I'm sad k bye
no you don't understand what I'm feeling bc your not me and we aren't the same.
#mysunshineis Mikey ♡
low quality but still my fav keek of michael 😂