Oline Vines
Buried him
Scherff with a trap of his own against a 2i. Tougher than it looks when it's that tight
Jerry with a big trap block on Donald. Good job influencing by the left side
The slingshot at 2nd level provided just enough of a crease
Fantastic base block, won't see much better. Watch the hips uncoil.
Great set by a great player. Excellent punch timing.
Doesn't get much better vs a 350+ NT
Strike, strain and finish.
Big play from the RG on this TD
Pugh bringing the boom
Pugh catches Mike Daniela on a trap
Just how they draw it up with the backside guard and tackle
Strike and anchor
Final play of highlight from Flowers, he can be engulfing at times.
You can see the difference Solari has had with Flowers. There was no punch last year.
Nice effort on this backside hinge
It's not perfect but everything about that set is better than last year
Flowers stretching the edge
Flowers was moving the point of attack on deuces vs NO