Jada Stevens
Locker room turn up😂😂😂
😂😂😩 fried
Niggas and they friends be at parties like...😂
They so stupid dude😂
They tryna twerk and clearly they are failing😂😂
Nae Nae part 2😩
Nae Nae part 1😂
Finals week got Taya like..
Tourney turn up. Taylor Frazee, bri caronchi
#NaeNae 😂😂 Joshie Sosa
Omg y'all 😒
Rainy football game😒
We do it for the vine😂😂
Y'all can't tell me this ain't raw...
I'm in heaven! 🏈
Maurina showers with the door open with a bag as a shower cap....😒