Simone Shepherd
When you see yourself without a Snap filter Gg_smilez
Nothing helps you get over a bro like a half off @Frappuccino #FrappuccinoHappyHour #ad
When your trying to post a pic to show you're over you really feel inside! W/ Kingkeraun
Watching movies with MOMs be like......
Babies really don't like me..... W/ Kiya Roberts
That shadow is so mean for scaring that baby
It's not the same thing! W/ Kingkeraun
You are the daddy! W/ Kingkeraun & Kiya Roberts
QUICK CONVERSATIONS with your best friend be like...... W/ Kiya Roberts
Resting B*tch Face w/ Kingkeraun & Kiya Roberts
How broke friends use FaceTime w/ Kiya Roberts
When you get off track in an argument with bae...your BFF got your back! W/ Kiya Roberts
When white guys try to holla me....w/ Matt Aidan
Life’s real emergencies. 2015 Toyota #Camry Wireless Charging Station is a superhero for your phone.
When the party never gets out the car. 2015 Toyota #Camry (Options shown.)
New car rules. 2015 Toyota #Camry (Options shown.)
You got to really like someone to give them the pink starburst! #YellowMeans.....#IDFWU w/ Kingkeraun
When you think he's taking you out for V-Day, but he's got other things in mind.. W/ Kingkeraun
When you're NOT the biggest star on set