Simone Shepherd
Simone Shepherd
When you forget it's not Friday😩 #Monday #highschoolmusicalstyle w/ Simone Shepherd
Tongue Twister!😛 Try saying that 3 times! Follow #Snapperhero on Snapchat
You got to really like someone to give them the pink starburst! #YellowMeans.....#IDFWU w/ Kingkeraun
When you think he's taking you out for V-Day, but he's got other things in mind.. W/ Kingkeraun
When you're NOT the biggest star on set
Me every Tuesday since this song came Kiya Roberts
I'm doing a new show SNAPPERHERO a Snapchat show about superheros. What should my power be????? Follow SNAPPERHERO on Snapchat
Alx James what was that!?!😳 Budweiser #bestbuds #AD