Thomas Sanders
#Nerdthoughts (Pokemon Edition!) 🍃
If I Had a TV Show 📺
This week's #ShoutoutSunday is dedicated to Desiree Caudill, ~ Desiré ~, ¿desiree?, & every divine "Desir(e/é)(e)" in the world!!
Those Plastic Cases... 🙃 (W/ Dom Gold)
#Disneypranks with Friends: "Up" Edition! 🐿 (There are THREE kinds of people... Cameron, Lindsy, & Quil Cauchon XD; W/ Joner-Strokes)
Using Time Wisely 🕐
The Sorting Hat ⚡️
Seasonal Fashion 🍂
Stewie Can't Stand Sprinkles 🍦 (This kid's face made my day! XD)
This week's #ShoutoutSunday is dedicated to the the bold Brad Stone, Brad Callahan, Brad Willard, & every "Brad(ley)" in the world!