Some words can make Karaoke uncomfortable. 🎤😂 w/ Julian Smith #KingBach
When you think you put your phone on mute but you didn't. 😱😂 w/ Christian DelGrosso, Klarity #KingBach
When you make a bet, but you're broke. 😂😂 w/ DeStorm Power #KingBach
😷🔫😈 w/ Christian DelGrosso #KingBach
When someone talks too much. 😂😂 #KingBach
When your friend tries to make you eat healthy. 😂 w/ Klarity #KingBach
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Can't take anyone with a flip phone serious. 👮😂 w/ DeStorm Power, Klarity #KingBach
When you're about to leave but the beat drops. 😂 #relatable w/ Christian DelGrosso, Marcus Johns #KingBach