Alexander Holtti
If you wanna know why I haven't been making videos (depression), check out my new utoob vid. My channel is "AlexHoltti"
When you stub your toe, but it sounds cool.
My dad doesn't like when I curse #roadtrip
I love making videos. I'll try my best to make more
How to wreck the popular page #Vine
Jesus at the beach be like
Like seriously. So annoying #lol
When you sing a song but a demon interrupts you..
Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge | watch the rest of the vid (link above)
Me after watching Mulan..
When you're at a friends house and u don't like the food | watch the rest of the vid (link above)
Guys! If you live near Panama City Beach in Florida, come meet me! I'm hosting the Coca-Cola Spring Break party on April 9! #TasteBudTalent
Hey! Follow me on Instagram if you want to :) I'm liking people back who like my new pic! IG: @AlexHoltti
Happens every time..
When you're feeling the beat too much..
Me talking to my crush.. #Ireallylikeyou