Bundle Up Beetch!!!! #HoesBeLike ❄️❄️ #ZoNavy
INSTAGRAM ~~> iamzoie
I woke up to her cooking. But check out her pots for eggs & biscuits
"Mischievous" - Never correct Mama!
✉️📬Gimme My Check!!- MrPostMan Jai'Len Josey 📬✉️ #HoodMix
When your crew finally get the routine right 😂😂😂Rickey LAFFS
#Popular !!! BIITCH we Fancy
How I feel when girls complain over & over about the same man
😒 (this just happened)
Kiki Don't Do It!!!!!!
🎶Bitch I got dat LITE, what's dat? It's dat bud ass lite im'a take a few sips & im'a turn up tonight🎶