Tayvion Power
When Ppl Say Ur Too Short #harkynsmash Em w/ BrittneyElena_, Splack_19 fx CHRIS ASHLEY Send me your #harkynsmash vines! LORDS of the FALLEN
When you get caught robbing w/ DeStorm Power and Klarity
When your playing the game with your friends and your parents embarrass you. 😂😂😂 w/ Anwar Jibawi and Laila Odom
When you accidentally smash your fingers in the door. 😩 w/ Malak Watson
Tayvion Power
When your friends parents back you up w/ DeStorm Power, Tayvion Power
This commercial gets us so hype!!! NoahRileyy #jerrypurpdrank
Tayvion Power
When your parents blame you for something you didn't do. w/ Tayvion Power VO: Pagekennedy