This pair of Yubari Melons (famous for their unique, sweet pulp) sold at a Japanese auction for a record 3 million yen, about $27,000 USD.
New crash tests show muscle cars including Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger & Ford Mustang do not meet the government's top safety rating.
Caught on camera: Flooding in China’s Rongxian County caused this newly built three story building to collapse into the river behind it.
Kim Jong Un is hosting a country-wide matchmaking contest to find a suitable husband for his sister, Kim Yo-jong.
Tommy Ly is a professional breakdancer who's an amputee and cancer survivor. He hasn’t let either get in his way of his amazing routine.
Snoop Dogg and Morris Peterson (former Toronto Raptor and Flint citizen) played in a charity basketball game to raise funds for the town.
NYPD officer Risel Martinez has been stripped of his badge and gun after pointing his firearm at bystanders while handcuffing a suspect.
Saltwater Brewery is reducing ocean pollution & harm to sea creatures with their edible six pack rings made from leftover wheat & barley.
Tech company Hyperloop One made its first high-speed propulsion train that could soon transport people hundreds of miles in under an hour.
Viral sensation dancing king Erik Cavanaugh promotes body positivity through ballet with these amazing moves.
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