DeStorm Power
When you leave food in the car overnight. #TheSmellKillsYou
That long a$$ pause.. when cartoons ask you questions. #IAnsweredAnHourAgo
I was invited to a black and blue party... 😂 w/ Wuz Good #thedress
Took my headphones off to see what my driver was listening to... 😂 #FuckinLie music video is out y'all! Go see!
When ppl talk about you and act like you're not there. w/ Liane V, Official JaNINA #IKnowYouSeeMe
Even thugs can't resist the Happy Meal toy... 👀 w/ Liane V
When you try to be like that kid on vine, in real life... w/ Tayvion Power
When ppl say they have something important to tell you...but don't. 😑