DeStorm Power
When ur late for the movies and there's a stranger eating cereal in your closet.😑 w/ Don Benjamin #relatable #ihatewhenthishappens
iPhone 6 users be like... w/ Don Benjamin
It's so hard to tell someone they have something on their face. 😑 w/ Seth Furey, Hannah Stocking
When somebody don't know they on speaker phone. w/ MelvinGregg #TheySayCraziestShit #LetsKillHimTonight
When I snub my toe! "nigga damn" w/ MelvinGregg, Splack_19, KingBach
When you meet someone in person and feel cheated for "LIKING" all their pics. w/ Klarity, Inanna_xo, Official JaNINA #imTakingMyLikesBack
DeStorm Power
Help don't come to the hood (w/ KingBach & DeStorm Power)