DeStorm Power
When you're not included in the group pic. w/ DJ TAY JAMES, KingBach, BigDaddyKane757 #DeStorm
DeStorm Power
Victory Dance 👫🎶 with Wally Valenzuela
When your parents blame you for something you didn't do. w/ Tayvion Power VO: Pagekennedy
Showing love to the dopest vines using Victory Dance. Following a few lucky fans who screenshot or Tweet with the hashtag #victorydance
When the bae is too clingy. 😑 w/ Amanda Cerny, JASMINE V #Thatsmerightthere
When girls see a guy with a nice car. w/ Liane V, Official JaNINA, Krista Kalmus, Wuz Good #victorydance
Some people will give up anything before their WI-FI password. w/ MelvinGregg