DeStorm Power
DeStorm Power
When you want your crush to save you. 😡😂😂 w/ DeStorm Power, MelvinGregg, Official JaNINA #KingBach
You never want something Til someone else wants it. w/ MelvinGregg #destorm
A ringtone says a lot. 😑 w/ Wuz Good, BrittneyElena_
When you wake up late for school then remember it's Sunday. 😁 ...Then, realize you're late for church. 😱 #destorm #meme
I turn my back for one second...😒 w/ CODYSAINTEW, Klarity, Wuz Good, STEPH BARKLEY, michelle_gzl #GoHollaAtHer #destorm
Disrespectful co-worker 😒
Peoples voice get higher and higher when they lie. MelvinGreggegg
How to play it off when you get curved. ✋w/ Official JaNINA, Hannah Stocking