Brittany Furlan
Egg! is the new tamagotchi #eggthegame 💅🏻
That time I almost got on #UnRealTV 😂 Make sure to tune in for the S2 premiere on 6/6 @ 10/9 @lifetimetv #partner
What Coachella is really like- new video on my Instagram @BrittanyFurlan
Friends don't call friends, they text. NEW VIDEO ON MY INSTA! Username- @BrittanyFurlan
My new hit single- "Cellulite Sadness" now available on thigh-tunes ✨✨ longer version on insta- Username BrittanyFurlan
How to go hard at the gym! New video on my Instagram, username- @BrittanyFurlan
When someone tries to take some of your food
Magical✨✨✨ snapchat- BrittanyJFurlan
Jealous girlfriends be like (aka me)
"Popular girl sleeps over unpopular girl's house" Longer version on my Instagram- username @BrittanyFurlan w/ Mikaela Hoover
All I could think when I saw this store (Longer/Better version on my Instagram- @BrittanyFurlan) I'll be doing more videos on there now
Girl who knows nothing about sports watches the #SuperBowl Longer version on my Instagram- username @BrittanyFurlan #SB50
Dogs are true friends....kinda
I'd be the worst Doctor ever
What it feels like as a female opening your snapchats 🍆😖
Every girl on New Years
Did you ever give someone a Christmas gift and immediately regret it? Well I haven't until now
My childhood
Its basic bitch awareness month. W/ Simone Shepherd Tag a basic bitch. Longer Version on my Instagram- @ BrittanyFurlan