Brittany Furlan
I just need a real man. W/ Curtis Lepore s/b: Jake Moreno
Ummmmmm.... 🙈❤️Magic Mike XXL #MagicMikeXXL
Halo is Yelena. Dis es my first big commershiale for dog train profeshionale servaces. Plas call
What it would be like if I ran into Magic Mike a.k.a. Channing Tatum #MagicMikeXXL Warner Bros Pictures #sponsored
How it feels when the fast food place accidentally puts an onion ring in your fries
Plas call 1-800-Yalena Dog trane very profeshional very good
I leave her unattended for 2 minutes and this happens 😑 #NeenaDaWeena
I think my Siri is broken 😳 #SheCalledMeAThot
This Ebola scare got me in my house like...
LA traffic is so bad, this turtle on the sidewalk is going faster 😑 Should've taken Metrolink #ChillaxAndRide
Careful what you sing 😳 w/ Pagekennedy