Childish Danbino
"I'm a lost ass fish" ft. Nemo 🐠 #bossassbitch #remix
When your song come on at da clubs. Go home #Spinda you're drunk! #PokemonORAS #2on
Dat feel when #magikarp evolves #PokemonORAS
This was the first time seeing me in 5 weeks 😩
"Four guns loaded like machamp on dem rarez(candies) // on that snorlax flow, rick Ross, s/o to the pear"
"Boy or a girl? Professor Birch can not tell // you a zubat in a cave and I'm using that repel"
"Hydro-pumping, blastoise, making her wet // gonna take her faint, take her to the Pokécenter, poké-vet"
"Gettin coins like meowth using pay day I'm like Team Rocket blasting off again yelling May Day!"
"Splashin around, lil punk was lvl 5 magikarp // I'm a gyradose- I got that dragon rage, that dragon heart"
Starting my Pokémon rap career. "You sayin I can't spit hot fire, charmander. But I'm actually sick in the head– Bynes, Amanada"