chris delia
Instagram - chrisdelia
Instagram - chrisdelia
You've never met a happy Russian. #incorrigible
"That's cool that you are about to put that shoe, on DJ Khaled, but what are you gonna put on the other foot?"
mornin bein real #cool feeling the real good music
Go check out my new stand up comedy special called INCORRIGIBLE on Netflix. It's streaming now!
🎶🎧🎺I hate Vine 🎤🎼🎶
Okay Coke Zero and Jerrod. I'll bury the hatchet for old times sake. Sorry we got carried away. Ehehe. #marchmadness
My boy Jerrod is messing with the wrong dude now I gotta get his moms involved. She's on MY TEAM NOW #MarchMadness​