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Happy October 1st 🎃 #tb
Ava thinks the lyrics to "one dance" are "chips on your legs"
Steven. (Snap avakatieryan)
When all you watch is cooking shows. The X1 Voice Remote lets you look up the last 9 shows you watched. #XFINITY #X1 #sp
When you're shopping & craving cake tacos & waffles
We should all feel like this when we get ready #flawlessagain
When someone doesn't like donuts #lame
Please clean ur room
Went shopping today
Happy Fathers Day! Dance w/ur dad
When you run into a doll you haven't seen in a while #timeiscruel
For those moments when you don't need humans talking to you. xfinity offers its customers millions & millions of hotspots, aka free wifi #sp
So, this is a pencil..
lol abbreviating "social media"
She got new shoes and wanted to show them off to the world
If you had a pizza place... #dough-M-G