Jared Stradling
Tummy Tuesday 33 Chewbacca Edition #tummytuesday Painted by A Funky Affair #starwars
Death Star
Jared Stradling
Happy Birthday Brother!!!!
Blink 182 Vine of The Week...The Urethra Chronicles 32 of 182 #blink182
Jared Stradling
"Use thy voice, Sarah! Fill the sky! Bring the little brats to die!" #HocusPocus #becomeanotherperson
Don't you wish I could stop????
HAPPY BIRTHDAY nico mendez Thanks for being such a Great Follower and for your Awesome Wolverine drawings. Have a Great Year!!!!
I HATE DOCTORS!!!! Been sitting here for over an hour. #KillMe
Let's Try Again #myfirstvine
Jared Stradling
#NewCharacterIdea An aspiring "Standup Comedian" who prefers to tell his "jokes" via Photoshop.